Resiliency Range

Welcome to our range

So you have PTSD now what?  Rebuilding your resiliency is key to creating growth and how you can set yourself up for success to live to life you deserve.  Our range was created to provide a testing ground and a center for personal growth by connecting you with nature and the tools you need to become the best you can be.   

In 2020 we have scheduled three ranges.  One in June, July and August.  Each range is a week in length, we utilize biblical based practices along with information from great theologians.  We conduct all of our ranges in the natural surrounding of the Northern Maine woods far from civilization but we have tools available to assist those with physical disabilities.   

This program is not a medical program it is designed by Purple Heart Recipients that have found success in dealing with PTSD.  This program will teach you the tools you need to grow, it is not a substitute for mental health treatment but this will teach you how to get the most out of your counseling and appointments to get your life on track and to a point where you can find happiness again.

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Set up a time to speak to us by phone and see if this is a program for you.  Our slots are limited and they are first come first serve.