Programs and Activities


Military|Veteran|Caregiver|Family Support

Freedom Team Inc.’s Goal is to provide services with a very simple and focused approach on providing a memorable experience for those we serve. Our Military|Veteran and Caregiver Family Support program has the three following focused areas.

Random Acts of Kindness Program

Random Acts of Kindness focus was designed to assist mil/veterans that may be down on their luck, have a need that doesn’t meet another organizations mission statement, it also provides a way for us to reward or assist the ones going above and beyond to empower them to continue moving forward with their life in a happy and healthy direction. To learn more about our RAK program please contact us!

Community Empowerment Program

Community Empowerment focus is our way of providing motivational and

empowering events for our Mil|Vet communities all of our events ensure a focus on the entire family. Whether its ice fishing, hiking or rest and respite for the loved ones. Or maybe it’s just providing words of encouragement and reminding them just how awesome they are! We are specific in our goal; they need to live life feeling and being empowered.

Misc. Activities

Freedom Team promotes the creation of "Victory Gardens" to support the growth of organic fresh food for Veteran/Military Families and too support local homeless shelters.  Currently our garden is located at the Navy League Building at Segue Technologies and supports the Final Salute Inc. Veteran Women and Children's transitional housing shelter in Washington DC. 

Veterans Nursing home gift bags- We like to do nice things for those that have served, so we find joy in coordinating and setting up gift bag hand outs at the Veterans Nursing homes.  

Turn-Key outdoor activities in the State of Maine for military/veteran nonprofits.  We have the ability to set up, run and operate outdoor activities for other non-profits.  These events are private, contact us for more information. 


At Freedom Team Inc. we believe in being charitable because it is just the right thing to do. We are ethically and morally bound to do the best job we can with our sole emphasis placed on those we serve. Our expenses to date have been fully funded by our founders. There is zero monetary compensation paid to our executive leadership. Our Board has one member exclusively for Ethics and Morals and is in place to specifically ensure that everything we do is done following all traditional American values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage. We uphold these values

and we incorporate them in everything we do.

Recently Planned Events

Annual Ice Fishing outings in Maine. January 18th-20th, 2019

Annual Caregivers Respite and Conference in Maine. January 18th-20th, 2019

Regularly Planned Annual Events

Fresh Water, Surf and Deep Sea Fishing in Maine

Spring and Fall Turkey Hunt's in Maine

Deer Camp in Nov 

Ice Fishing and Caregiver R&R


Female Veteran Full Day of Deep sea fishing on Aug 11th 

Male Veteran Full Day Deep sea fishing on July 29, 

Family Day of canoeing and BBQ at Whites Landing in Massachusetts July 21st

Three day camping and fishing excursion at Wheatons cabins on Spt. 20-23.  During the month of Oct we will host multiple bird hunting trips. 

 Nov29th-Dec8th we are selecting one lucky veteran to go to Ohio and engage in a Boone and Crockett White Tail trophy hunt.